“You’re not gonna make the world any better by shouting at it!”

 #this is what I love about Donna #she was supposed to be a one-off companion in a Christmas special #she was supposed to be annoying and loud and bossy #(Not many of us found her annoying) #instead #she imbued the qualities that so many ordinary people like us imbue #she wasn’t kick ass with a gun#she didn’t have technical knowledge or medical knowledge #but she wasn’t some young doe-eyed thing either #Donna Noble demanded respect #she did not expect it #SHE DEMANDED IT #furthermore she demanded it on behalf of everyone else#no one could piss on someone else while Donna Noble was around #she only had her voice #and sometimes it felt like it wasn’t enough #but that never stopped her#because if her voice was the only weapon she had #she would use it to change the world #or die trying #THAT is the spirit of hero #THAT is what makes an ordinary person extraordinary #they refuse to let others define their strengths and weaknesses #they refuse to give up #DONNA NOBLE #she was important LONG before she became the most important woman in all the universe


This is why I love Donna. Because she’s brash, she’s loud, and if she sees something wrong in the world, she says something about it. Donna’s always been my favorite companion for this reason. 


everyone seems to hate her ;-;

The Donna hate is the same as any strong woman hate. She’s capable, speaks her mind, and fights against injustice wherever she sees it, and tells the Doctor when he is wrong. She doesn’t worship him because she knows he is not a god- but she sees him as her friend. She is not in love with him, but she is the companion he needs.

Some fans cannot stand this because they are in love with the Doctor and cannot understand how Donna cannot be. Some cannot stand her because they cannot stand to see a woman “acting like a man”, speaking her mind and fighting where she sees injustice. Some dislike her because she is not the “eye candy” they are used to from companions- young, thin girls. 

Despite that, she’s an amazing woman and absolutely my inspiration. 

Also, she saved the day at least twice - figuring out something that the Doctor hadn’t - using SECRETARIAL SKILLZ.


I miss Donna.

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so now you know


So much love for Donna. The BEST companion in the new Who series, I will fight you on this.

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Hi, I’m Sue. I started watching Doctor Who less than 6 months ago, and I already own a sonic screwdriver and dark red Chucks, and I am an Anomaly.

Back in February, we released an Anomaly Supplemental that was simply an unedited chat that Kasey, Sarah, and I had about Doctor Who, while I was still watching it, and, well, I made an uninformed statement about Donna Noble. My exact words were: “I think she would have been a terrible companion” (you can hear it for yourself at 32:35). Yeah, I know. I knew before we even release the show, but decided to leave it in, because that was my impression at the time. A week or so after that podcast was released, my brother called and said that he was listening in the car on his way to work and had to pull over because he was laughing so hard. Thanks, Joe.

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